AVC Rates

Aviation is an exciting and wondrous world, to capture that dream footage is difficult to list a price that would suit generic filming locations and client expectation.  At AVC we strive to provide quality professional material which has been planned from the initial spark in a clients mind.  Our standard working practice is to arrange a meet with the clients team and run through exactly what their dream footage looks like in their mind, we then work with the team to plan and execute those ideas.  Each shoot becomes a full project within AVC and rates are calculated accordingly from there.

Each project comes with its own idiosyncrasies and requirements, we have worked closely with EuroUSC to ensure that AVC not only provides a professional service but also provides and promotes a safe flying experience, these have to be taken into account for each project partner that we have the pleasure to work along side.  The weather in the UK is not known to be the best but the UK is known for being one of the most beautiful.  The weather affects us in the same way it affects our bigger brothers and sisters in the commercial aviation world but for us the limits are more stringent.  The location of each shoot needs to be assessed by one of our pilots to ensure that it is not only safe for the client and our team but also falls within the regulations set out by the CAA.

If you are reading this on our website then you will be one of millions that use the web as a catalogue to purchase goods and services in this digital age, to help with planning your project, as with our flying aerial platforms, we can only give high level projected figures for some of our generic services that we offer, each client would be given a full accurate cost after the first initial meet has been carried out.  Below are some estimate costs for clients to consider when selecting their project partner.

All prices stated are starting prices and are excluding VAT which is charged at the standard 20%

    1. Aerial filming – £500
    1. Aerial photography – £350
    1. Film production (aerial footage captured and edited to clients brief) – £750
    1. Industrial Surveys – £650 per day. (Not all surveys will take a day to carryout so please contact us for smaller projects).
  1. Wedding Package – Photographs and Video – £400. (Permission from the landowner will be needed to fly)

Travel expenses will need to be factored into the project cost but we try to keep these costs down to a minimum where possible, we aren’t adverse to camping as this adds to the excitement of the project.

AVC prides itself to be part of the local community and special package rates may be arranged for schools and charities, these will be discussed after initial contact.

Block booking our team over a period of days can be arranged and rates will be finalised after initial project meetings.

AV Creations Limited are fully regulated and certified by the CAA to carry out commercial operations using UAV’s, the use of drones for commercial purposes are strictly controlled by the CAA.  Please ask us to view our permission to fly and insurance certificates.